Our hope is to teach and raise a new awareness in your creative abilities.  We want all students to gain the knowledge that they can expound upon in future projects and artistic endeavors.

Each student will find a project that meets their needs and blends with their personality, hopes and goals.  Our classes are fun and the end results are always rewarding.

Our Instructor

Sewing lessons & crafts

At Sew Grateful you are encouraged to tap into and explore your creative side as you are taught a variety of arts and crafts.

arts & crafts

We offer a clean, friendly and smoke-free work environment.  We provide sewing machines for those who don't have one.

Martha Stevenson has more than 25 years of experience.  Self-taught, Martha has created countless stylish, one-of-a-kind pieces for decades.  From wedding gowns to customized leisure athletic wear, her client requests run the gamut.  Her top-notch creations have gained the attention of notables throughout the city of Chicago.


Our Facility